Welcome to Clooney Wooden Floors

At Clooney Wooden Floors we have an extensive range of domestic and commercial wooden flooring options to suit any budget and any type of premises. We pride ourselves on consistently high standards, of
workmanship and service.

If your thinking about a new wood floor, it's nice to know that wood floors are always the right choice, no matter what particular trend is currently fashionable in the world of interior design. After all, wood floors are designed by Mother Nature herself, making them timelessly beautiful. We are all becoming more and more interested in decoration and design and We love to surround ourselves with beautiful things.

A beautifully finished wooden floor can have an amazing impact when it comes to giving your home a feeling of warmth and life. Whether you want to choose a light and airy atmosphere, or maybe something more discreet and calm with a darker wood, let yourself be inspired. When designing your ideal interior, let your imagination flow and get back to basics, Starting with your floor.